About the NCCA


The NCCA was established on a statutory basis in 2001. Before that, it was a non-statutory organisation for over 20 years. Read more about the history of the organisation.

Vision and mission

Our Strategic Planning Process for 2009-2011 sets out the vision for the NCCA:
The NCCA will lead and support change in schools and other educational settings
The mission is to advise the Minister for Education and Skills on curriculum and assessment for early childhood education and for primary and post-primary schools. This advice is generated through engagement with schools and educational settings, with committees and working groups and is informed by research, evaluation and foresight.

Our Sites

Our current strategic plan is a plan for uncertain times. Instead of high-level objectives we identified six sites where we work towards our vision and mission.

The Learning Site

This includes the full range of settings for children between 0 and 6, primary and post-primary schools and high support units and children detention centres.

The Committee Site

This includes all committees, working groups and boards of studies. Find about the membership of committees here.

The Knowledge and Research Site

This site comprises all NCCA research work, commissioned and internal, as well as the blog, resource room, and knowledge management strategies.

The Virtual Site

This is made up of the three components of the NCCA website - the corporate site, curriculum online and ACTION.

The Organisational Site

This includes the internal operations and management of the NCCA as an organisation, its obligations as a corporate body and its processes of reporting to the Department of Education and Skills and to Government.

The Inter-Agency Site

This includes all the interactions with government departments, with agencies and organisations, with the support services, with those working in training and development for teachers and early childhood practitioners and in educational research.

Strategic Planning 2009 - 2011

Our Strategic Planning Process for 2009-2011 sets out the vision for the NCCA:
If you want to know more, visit our strategic plan here.